Monday, August 13, 2012

1. Part your hair, wherever your part happens to fall naturally. 2. We’re starting with the weave-braid-ish thing at the top. Grab a chunk of hair from either side of your head, I took mine from the vicinity of around/right above my ear. Give each chunk a couple of twists, maybe spritz with a little water or product if your hair is especially slippery, and then cross them, right over left, in the back of your head. 3. Grab two more chunks, this time from lower–I did behind/below the ear. Thes...

It looks like a french braid but it's so much more! Here is how to recreate it:

Take two fairly big chunks of hair from either above or right behind your ears, cross one over the other on the back of your head and bobby pin in place.
Get a couple of sections right below where your previous ones came from, cross them and bobby pin in place.
You will probably have to do this only two or three times, when you reach the end wrap the last two strands you had around all of your hair, bobby pin them and for extra security you can add a clear elastic and hide it under those last two strands you had to wrap around.

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